Spider Man Motorbiker

Spider helmet man motorbike hill climb game. 8 hard levels. You must go through a dangerous hill and cliff.
This game will make you learn time by time on how to ride this bike.
Use the arrow buttons to move ( left-right jump)
Good luck. Fun game.

Oddbods Memory Cards Game

Funny oddbods memory cards game. Here is a where you need to use your memory:
you have to find and match the oddbod pictures playing cards.
Click on the first card and then, click on the others to find the playing card that is alien to the first one

Oddbods Game

Fuse oddbods fly adventure game. Fuse likes to fly. tap the screen to jump.. hold for high jump and fly.
You needs to collect gold coins by Running and Jumping. Skip obstacles.
Fun game. Good luck.


Winx Game

Fairy girl winx adventure game.
You can get scores by collision the flying fairy with monster birds..

Power Rangers

Power atv rangers motorbike driving game. Tap the screen to jump. Tap the screen twice to double jump..

Titans Go

Titans Motorbike go climbing race game. Touch the arrows on the screen to move. left arrows to move.